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Washington barn and garage building company

Washington State barn and garage building company 

Are you looking for a  general contractor in Washington State?

Classic Wood Barns and Garages is licensed, bonded, and insured. 

At Classic Barns and Garages, we are a full-service contracting company.

We build various types of custom garage-build projects in Washington. These projects include but are not limited to pole barns, barndominium builds, custom attached or detached garages, garages with living quarters, ADUs, and garage apartments.

Classic Barns and Garages has over 25 years of experience with barn building and pole barn installation near Washington State.

Classic Barns and Garages serves the middle to Southwest Washington.

We also specialize in conventional garages and custom barndominium builds.

We're well known for our custom pole barn builds that can include living quarters.

Contact us here at Classic Barns and Garages for a barn builder in Washington.​

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Welcome to Classic Wood Barns and Garages

We specialize in conventional or stick framed Garages and Post-framed Barns.

Although we say Barns and Garages we have installed barn and garage kits and helped construct buildings for all kinds of purposes.

If you're looking for a barndominium builder in Washington State, let's connect what you have in mind.

   All pictures displayed belong to our portfolio and yes we built them all. 

We are a Washington State General Contractor with a License Bond, and Insurance. Our license can be viewed at the top of our website.

We serve Middle to Southwest West Washington and other areas on a case-by-case basis.

If you're in Washington and wondering if we can help, let's connect.

The following are explanations on the key parts of building with us at Classic Barns and Garages.

Estimates: Our estimates usually take a day or two and are free if we don't do a site visit.   If a site visit is necessary or wanted we will come to your location.  There may be a charge for further distances.   Otherwise we will create a elevation sketch and floor plan with an estimate and email these to you,  based on what you are interested in and can describe to us. 

Site Visits: Generally we meet at building site and look at the site excavation needed and will sketch and take notes and ask you about what your wanting to build and discuss any questions or Concerns you may have.  You will receive your drawings and estimate a day or two later.   It is common to have a few sketches and estimates or revisions to get things completely correct.

Site Plans:  In most cases,  in order to apply for permits we need a building department approved site plan.  If the site has a home or has had anything permitted in the last few years chances are a site plan exists.  If there is no site plan for the building site one will need to be created

Permits/Permitting:  We typically handle the permitting process as part of the Sale.  Some permits and permitting processes are more involved and may have additional charges.

Sales Agreements: We will create a written sales agreement for you when you are happy with you estimate and the specifications/details.   Once we have a signed sales agreement and a down payment we will begin creating plans and the permit process.   

Scheduling of Work:  We schedule customers based on who receives their building permit first.  generally we start jobs within 45 days of permitting. 

Payments:  Begin at the time of sale  and sales agreement and are based on an agreed upon progress schedule.


Thinking about building?  Please, Don't hesitate to call or email with questions!

Framing / Material -  Standard Specifications: 

            * All ground or concrete contacts:   Pressure treated wood per code    

            * All Framing Materials:  Dry Douglas Fir Material (Tongue and Groove materials may be spruce, pine, fir )

            * Roofing Type/Materials:  Our standard is 30 year architectural shingles shown on majority of our buildings.  We will install most                    any type of roofing wanted

          * Roof sheeting:  5 ply CDX (true plywood)

             *Siding Type:  Our standard is Fir Faced 5/8 plywood.  We will install most any type of siding wanted.  

Let's talk more about your project.

Do you have questions you need help with?

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